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Top 5 Attractions in Melbourne Beach

Situated just southeast of Orlando, Melbourne Beach, Florida is a culturally rich and endlessly scenic place to set your travel sights when you’re ready for an adventure far from home. This welcoming locale is loved for its nearby arts district as well as its architecture all paired up with breathtaking landscapes and access to amazing wildlife as well. When you’re ready to turn your travel plans into a solid itinerary, the following are the top 5 attractions you’ll want to be sure to add to your list.

The Brevard Zoo

When it comes to wild encounters near Melbourne Beach, you can find everything you’re looking for and more at the Brevard Zoo! This iconic attraction offers up a place for visitors of all ages to get up close to amazing creatures from across the globe and learn more about wildlife conservation along the way. Whether you drop by to feed the giraffes, walk around with kangaroos, or make the most of an on-site kayaking adventure, it’s well worth your time to visit. The Brevard Zoo even has a Treetop Trek to enjoy as well as a variety of hands-on exhibits that leave guests with more of a passion for wildlife than ever before.
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Sebastian Inlet

Whether you’re a traveler that takes time to admire the most beautiful spots in new places, or you simply can’t wait to get out on the water and cast a line, making your way to Sebastian Inlet at least once during your Melbourne Beach visit is a must. This state park is a picturesque spot to wade in the water, make time for a visit to the on-site museum, or spend some well-earned time fishing as long as you have that saltwater fishing license in hand. Take a stroll along the two extended jetties that adorn this state park when you want to get an even better view out over the water.
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The Florida Tech Botanical Gardens

Take some time to unwind in natural style when you head over to The Florida Tech Botanical Gardens while you’re in town. This lush locale is filled with a variety of plants, trees, and blooms that are sure to make for an inspiring visit. Entrance to the gardens is free and you can easily spend 20 minutes wandering the paths uninterrupted, taking in the colors, aromas, and tranquility along the way. Some visitors even pack a picnic lunch to enjoy underneath the collection of on-site palm trees as well.

The Eau Gallie Arts District

When you feel artistic inspiration pulling at your heartstrings, the Eau Gallie Arts District is a place that’s sure to satisfy. This iconic area attraction is filled with vibrant murals as well as a collection of galleries and perhaps the best-known stop, Foosner Art Museum. Visitors come to simply walk around and take it all in before heading over to one of the charming bars that are situated nearby to reminisce over their favorite works of art.

The Historic Rossetter House Museum

If you’re the type of traveler looking to infuse some history into your Melbourne Beach getaway, time at The Rossetter House is worth your while. This historical home turn museum was constructed in 1908 and sits on the National Register of Historic Places. For $8 a person, visitors can step inside and back in time to see what life in Melbourne was like over 100 years ago.
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